Paper Documents

Document Imaging

QUIVX complete digital document imaging and coding fully enables your database searches. Paired with our sophisticated imaging systems and industry-leading quality control we deliver success. Even though other companies have abandoned this policy, we continue to perform page by page quality control on every project to ensure perfection.

QUiVX will customize the right solution for you - whether your needs require high-volume scanning, direct one-to-one media duplications or conversions. To further extend the usability of your data, we also offer complete document indexing and a revolutionary search system.

Digital Document Imaging

  • High-volume scanning in black and white or color
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Database file production tailored to nearly any format
  • Electronic Bates stamping and existing Bates number capture
  • Printing and duplication of almostany form of media
  • Full case portability with images, a full index and an IPRO™ viewer, all included on a DVD, CD-ROM, or HDD

Automated & Manual Document Coding

  • Online repository for easy data retrieval
  • Process re-engineering
  • Custom databases and programming specifically tailored to your needs
  • Objective and subjective manual document coding
  • Automated bibliographic document coding

Traditional Reprographics

QUiVX offers a wide range of traditional print-based services, utilizing the latest and most innovative technologies. Our experienced staff focuses on results and deliverables to ensure that your projects are completed accurately, on time and on budget.

Although our print-based services are too numerous to detail in full here, we have included a partial list of what we offer below. Please contact us for information about additional services.

Litigation and High-Volume Copying

  • Black and white and color copying
  • Document numbering and stamping
  • Oversized documents, drawings and graphics reproduction
  • Binding and mounting
  • Trial exhibits

Digital Color Oversize Printing and Copying

  • Oversized and color reproduction from digital files or originals
  • Resizing and stretching of images

X-Ray and Medical Imaging

Document File Printing

  • High-speed TIFF and PDF digital printing – slip sheet per document or staple assembly
  • Native file print – slip sheet with file path and file information
  • High volume document printing and government contracts
  • Bankruptcy mailers and other mass-shipping productions

Page-for-Page Quality Control

  • Every page is double-checked by a member of our professional Quality Control staff prior to project completion