QUiVX Training & Consulting

Concordance Training

One of the many services QUiVX offers is free on-site Concordance Training. Our skilled Training Specialists will provide this very valuable service, in the convenience of your own office.

Here are a few key points of QUiVX training:

Concordance Navigation

You will learn the purpose, functionality, and benefits of Concordance.

Document Tagging

You will understand the purpose and functionality of Concordance tags, as well as strategies for successful document tagging.

Concordance Image

You will gain knowledge of the features of Concordance Image designed to provide you with a method for efficient and effective image review.

Searching Basics

You will discover the search features of Concordance that allow you to quickly and effectively locate key documents and critical information.

FYI Reviewer End User

You will find out how easy it is to search, review, and organize your discovery documents over the Web.

Trial Director Certified Training

Trial Director Certified Trainers

You will learn how to organize exhibits and depositions, prepare cases for trial, and enhance case presentations.